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the scratchy, run down, matted up, patch of hair that a cheap girl wears to the wackest clubs in Vegas. It is usually falling out on the floor or cutting up the arm of the person nearest them in the club. Many girls with recession weaves come to the clubs thinking they look cute with those wiry broom tops, but they just look rough as shit. The hard texture of the recession weave makes it a good defense mechanism. A back scratcher.

Also, a recession weave is the weave you get when you purchased your package of hair in Wal-Mart.

Another definition is weaves that have been in someone's hair since before the recession began and are barely hangin on. They should have been disposed after the first use, but no, they were reused like five times.
Did you see all of those recession weaves at the club last night?
by flavor of love girl March 31, 2009
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