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Real programmer are:

- programmers that code machine code/assembly

- programmers that can real code of programming language that he did not know

- programmers that can learn new programming languages in 10 minutes

- programmers that use C/C++ and other low-level programming languages.

- programmers that do not use an IDE such as Visual Studio, instead, they use cat, vi, nano or other command line text editors
You are not a real programmer? You are still writing Visual Basic.
by SM++ May 24, 2009
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some old fart(usually 40-60 years old) that started with programming back in the 50s-60s-70s, and only codes in machine code(or with bin and hexa...and MAYBE Assembly if he's feeling lazy).
they usually hate most of the "new" stuff like IDE, and newer languages...

google "Story of Mel" and "real programmer" for more info ;)
(on some public internet forum)

some new guy: d00ds, check out th1s k00l program I wrote in Visual Basic

real programmer: Visual Basic? back in the day we didn't have crap like that, in fact.. back in '71, I wrote the beta-version of pong, using Machine Code...

some new guy: Machine Code? ye whatevah, I wrote s0me h4x0r machine c0de in VB some dayz ago.. beat that
by Jonathan. May 04, 2006
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