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1.A man, commonly smelling of Brut aftershave, wearing a shirt unbuttoned to reveal his chest hair and some medallion of some sort. He uses cheesy pick up lines and usually suffers from severe halitosis, drives some type of eighties penis car, and will die before going home alone on a bar night.
2.A Denny's meal choice(probobly not a good one) that will prevent any sort of bowel movement for at least a week
1."Did you see that razzdango walk in?"
"Yeah, I think everyone did, you could smell him when he walked in, and I spilled a shot of 151 under my chair, how I could smell him over that I don't know.

2."I ate a razzdango at Denny's last Thursday night and it is now Wednesday and I still haven't taken a shit
by unmotivatedamerican May 25, 2007
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