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Razeena is the most caring and understanding person in the world. She'll always help you in times of need, and make the sun shine brightly in your gloomy days. Razeena is a very beautiful girl, too beautiful for even words cannot describe her beauty. She has magnificent hair that fall over her shoulder perfectly even if she doesnt try at all, and her eyes are like forests that you can get lost in them for internity. Razeena is a strong, independent girl who always smiles even though she has a very hard time going through her battle in life alone. She has lots of caring friends and a supportive family that always helps her in every way she needs them to. If you ever have a chance to meet razeena in your life, just remember that you got a blessing from god to have a friend like her.
Razeena is the best friend i ever had
by Zyrion_X May 21, 2018
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