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Sunglasses that look almost exactly like Ray-Bans, but they don't cost 140$ but cost 2 for 20$ or 15$. They are for teenagers that can't afford 140$, or are smart enough to know that they aren't responsible enough to take care of expensive ray bans so they go buy 4 pairs for 40$ at pac sun.

The Pac Sun Ray bans are also very high quality.

You don't cry if you crack your Pac Sun ray Bans, you just go buy some more.
Materialistic Girl: haha! did you see my new Ray Bans they were 140$!!

Normal person: Cool i got mine for 2 for 20$ at pac sun and they look exactly the same

materialistic girl: whatever!!mine are so much better!

*******2 weeks later********
Normal person: shit i left my sunglasses at the movie theater, I need to get some more

materialistic bitch: OH FUCK!!I BROKE MY RAY BANS!!!!OMG!!!

Normal person: haha thats why when your 13 you dont go buy 140$ sunglasses

*********i don't have anything against Ray-Bans, I think they are beautiful and great sunglasses, I just think your fucking retarted when you buy them when you don't take care of your shit****************

-ray bans for teenagers
by Unicorncasablancas July 13, 2009
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