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Someone who is rawsome. This person usaully is easy to talk to and nice. This person usaully don't like to see people cry and help peoplein need. This person is true and tries his very best to keep his promises. He/She also doesn't like to lose so this makes them determined to try and be the best unless this person have to step down to let the younger kids win. He/She is also a great listener and a great boyfriend/girlfriend, but is mostly shy so she/he most likely won't make the first move.
Tyric: Yo dude C.J. is a great guy.
Chris: I know right he promise me he would help me with my homework even though he had stuff to do.
Tyric: C.J. first name is the major city in Ohio.
Chris: So cool!
Tyric and Chris: C.J. is a rawsomekid!
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