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a raterre is person, usually female, who can be defined simply as a slag,slut,hoe-bag, or rat. she is usually seen wearing fake ugg-boots, and a short skirt or short bright yellow shorts, and/or, an extremly low cut top or pulled up university top used as a makeshift bra.
This university top is ironic in that by the time she reaches uni, she would have slept with the population equvilant.
Raterres are an increasly problematic soical occurance; the median age of people losing their virginity in some populations in the UK have fallen significantly to around 11.4 years of age.
Another ironic thing about this is that raterres are unlikey to even attempt sex untill around the legal age, or near it, 16/15. Raterres are only likely to steal, cheat, destroy and dump guys from their commuities until 16.
Some scientists have blamed the worrying low median age of having sex on Raterres; well most scientists have; the theory is that couples are so worried about raterres destroying them, so they engage in sex to attempt to forestall their attack.

Raterres are always looking out for new guys to catch; preferring tactics such as stealing and cheating.
Ratteres are prey to ledendary social mysteries like woodland creatures; they devour and kill ratterres upon contact. However only one of these woodland species are known to kill ratterres and scientists are reaserching frantically for them; so a cure for the raterre problem; or at least a vaccine can be developed.

The word is taken from the words 'rat', meaning dirty, spread of bubonic dieases, etc. And the words 'terror', 'tear' or 'terrible'.
"OMGshe's such a ratterre; stealing my boyfriend!

argh! look at that ratterrre, she wears those bloody shorts even in January!

I want to stab that ratterre"

"argh!i think my best friend is a ratterre! What should I do?"
"callin the woodland creatures!"
by Lixxabethbabuh January 31, 2008
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