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One of the illest MCs out there now, possibly one of the best of all time a way better lrycist than 99% of what is currently out there right now, and even better than some of the legends. His lyrics are political and deep.
Took a pull off a Newport and passed it back,Nuts hang like I had an elastic sack,Spastic blaps of our kind of plastic claps,Wanna know the reason why white people seem to laugh at blacks?
Cuz brothers in South Africa slaving to death in diamond mines,Meanwhile, we spendin every penny to overshine,Tell the next nigga he lesser,Cuz he can't afford to buy ice from his oppressor
So now he pullin out nines, tryin to homicide me for mine,Meanwhile, George W. Bush got a war on crime,Introduction to the Matrix -- I say the shit,you know is true but wanna ignore,metamorph metaphors Ras Kass Golden Chyld
by immaculant skillz May 31, 2004
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