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a versatile interjection with a dual meaning:
(1a) "Sweet!"
(1b) "At the present moment, I have a commanding grip on your genitals."

(1b)'s usage is usually figurative, and is best used to express temporary and unearned dominance over another individual.
Rosie: "Dogg, I just got dinner with mad bitches and one them didn't finish their lasagna, so I brought it home for you to eat."

Yoshi: "Rapzini!"
In this instance, the reader is left to determine whether Yoshi is expressing delight over procuring free lasagna, or a sense of smugness and superiority in light of (a) Rosie's dutiful gesture of bringing home the aforementioned lasagna and/or (b) Rosie's intellectually bankrupt choice of the third person plural possessive "their" in describing a single bitch.
by kittenluvr420 January 28, 2009
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