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* an individual who adheres to a rapper's/hip hop core of values and incarcerated in a jail/prison setting doing time.

Submitted by rapvict r. rapture, Aug 28th 2009.
* 'rapvict blues'

slick people 'bout town...we hip - they down.

ain't nobodies damn fool...survival rules ghetto school.

fastlane sure be fine...gotta shitload of downtime.

rappin' spirits crowdin' halls...draggin' invisible chain 'n' balls.

struttin' homeys sportin' dips...all that inside crypts.

gangbangin' under hoops...gettin' with lipstick fruits.

amerikkkan slaves swingin' mops...mentally cappin' wannabe cops.

social causality attitude bad..."fuck off - yer had".

grindin' wheel barters soul...bitchin' life diggin' hole.

Submitted by rapvict r. rapture, Aug 28th 2009
by rapvict r. rapture August 27, 2009
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