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A ghost with a peculiar obsession with raping anything and everything. Its ethereal nature gives it the ability to rape a wide variety of people, animals, and objects.
Watch out, that room is haunted by a rapeghost. My dog Toto went in there once; he was limping for a week.
by Shafted January 27, 2009
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Someone who joins an online game and completely owns everyone.Often times the victims don't even see or hear the rape aproach. You can spot a rape ghost by their clan tag GBLR. Be very afraid when confronted by this type of gamer.
I hate that goddamn rape ghost GBLRRaptor Jeezuss! Now my ass hurts!I wish I could be in the Gibbler clan so I can be just like them. Oh well I guess i'll just join the Pimp or Nike Clan. Its the next best thing.
by OMNISargeN February 23, 2009
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