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A term which has been developed mainly by animal activists to describe a device for restraining an animal, and which it is maintain has been used in in experimentation or the meat industry, so that it can be artificially inseminated or mated with by another animal. In reality, this term has never been used in the livestock industry and often causes bafflement among farmers or breeders when they are accused of using it. Activists often say such a device is also called a "feed rack" or stanchion in the farming industry, but the former is actually a term to describe a rack that holds feed, and the latter is a term often used in the construction industry to describe a metal girder that holds a building up.
They put the animal in a rape rack to inseminate her.
by Fact Checher 22 February 07, 2019
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Rape rack is the industry term, or nickname for, the device used to artificially inseminate female cows so that they become pregnant and can eventually produce milk for human consumption. Rape racks are also used on other animals such as monkeys to breed them for scientific experiments.

Rape rack is a term that makes no apologies. Rape rack is graphic, horrifying, and violent. Rape rack calls to mind the life mutilating experience of being raped. All of these definitions are true and I will always use the word rape rack because I want to imply these meanings and others of similar gut wrenching quality.
They tied the cow to a rape rack for it to be plowed.
by Secret Vegan May 15, 2017
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