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A person who doesn't even like rap and listens to the pop rap because they think that they look cool. Rap posers don't even look into rap to know that there was old school. Usually they buy the album of the newest one hit wonder and put it in their cd player and don't even listen to it. Rap posers say rock and every other genre sucks without even listening to it because they think that makes them look cool. Real rap fans don't just listen to the pop rap, they usually listen to tupac and notorious B.I.G. and the rappers before them because they know that those were the people who had the best flow, and also real rap fans don't go around saying that rock sucks.
I used to be a rap poser until I listened to Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock and then I started getting into rock and metal because I actually like it and don't pretend to. Now I express my true thoughts on modern rap and the only rap I listen to is old school cause modern is shit.
by Joe725 March 10, 2007
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