The type of comedy you’re most likely to find on networks like AdultSwim, Viceland, IFC, and parts of Youtube. Often involves comedians/actors doing things stiffly, and/or, cringeworthy, in order to insight a laugh. It often makes little sense and feels completely random, though it’s extremely calculated and possibly has a message underneath (though sometimes it can literally mean nothing and they just find it funny).

Awkward silences, random outbursts, odd looking people, 80’s/90’s style video editing, bad hair, and wearing clothes that are tacky, too tight, or vintage inspired, are common traits randomcore comedians often display. Acting as though they are completely serious and never “breaking character,” is also common.

Those who utilize randomcore don’t care if something is gross or makes you uncomfortable, that’s the point of their comedy.

Interacting with other people who don’t realize the schtick is also often done in random-core. Getting people to react to something so off-putting is the ultimate goal.

Examples of comedians who utilize randomcore : Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, Eric Andre, Ethan and Hila Klein, aka H3H3, FilthyFrank, iDubbbzTV, Fred Armisen, etc.
Bob: Tim and Eric, and Eric Andre weird me out. It’s like the more random and awkward they are, the funnier their stuff is to some people.
Bill: Yeah, that’s because their style is random-core. The weirder, more stiff, and random it is, the better. It’s their schtick.
by awittyusername November 25, 2017
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