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One of the most well-known army units. Located at Ft. Campbell, KY, 3rd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assualt) Rakkasans. Rakkasan translates from the japenese language into "man falling under umbrella". Our symbol is the Tori, which in Japenese culture symbolizes a gateway to honor. In WWII, the Rakkasans parachuted into the middle of a group of Tori's leaving the Japenese fighting force in fear for their lives. The Rakkasans are the only military unit whose nickname that is still in use was designated by an enemy. The Rakkasans are the only unit in the military who guidon does not bear a finneal, it bears a Tori.

Everyone hates us, Unless you are us.
Rakkasan for life.
Soldier 1: Dude, I hate the Rakkasans..
Soldier 2: I know.. but I wish I was one. They are so badass.

by rakkasanmedic October 23, 2008
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