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The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition (RPC) is an organization founded by the Reverend Jesse Jackson, the name derives from the roots of the organization - a merger between the Rainbow coalition (founded 1985) and Operation PUSH (started about 1971). The stated mission of the organization is to foster "civil rights" and empower people of color (i.e. black). RPC frequently uses political pressure tactics bordering on blackmail designed to coerce companies into "donating" to the RPC (i.e. bribe them to go away) or employing RPC members in nice cushy jobs to ensure "liason" between the company and the black community (i.e. provide continuous welfare and the ability to monitor companies from the inside for future blackmail operations).
We have a rainbow of races at our company, but Jesse Jackson decided there were not enough black ones in top management positions so he PUSHed us around with threats until we paid him to go away, gave mandatory promotions to unqualified blacks (including his friends he owed favors) and ended with a nice flowery speech about how this showed our commitment to diversity. Hopefully now we are under the "protection" of Jesse and no one else will come and blackmail us.
by FigurinOutLife March 24, 2004
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