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A radioshack zach is when you have an employee (does not have to be at a radioshack, but usually is) that doesn't know jack shit about anything your store sells. They generally race to the door to greet the person and welcome them to radioshack. Sounds like a good employee so far, well he's not. After they ask the person what they want, he then turns to the other, older, person working with him and asks 1 or more of the following:

"Where is that?"
"Do we have that?"
"Do you know anything about that?"
"Do you know what that is?"

Then after the other employee helps the customer radioshack zach steals the sale and gets the commission. However they do not stop there, when someone returns something on him, they do not specify that he was the seller, because if a radioshack zach did that, his commission would be taken away for that sale. A radioshack zach, usually likes to snowboard and drive. However he is not good at either one. They have numerous accidents on the snow on the mountain and the asphalt. If you are an employer, do NOT HIRE A RADIOSHACK ZACH
RZ: (run run run) "hi! welcome to radioshack! Is there anything certain you're looking for?"

Customer: "Do you have any adapters?"

RZ: "hmm...hey ____ (other employee) do we have any of those?"

Other employee: "Yes zach we have fucking adapters this is a fucking radioshack you dumb shit!"

Customer: "Oh, this is a radioshack zach huh? Well im going to walmart so i can get someone there who doesn't harrass me right when i walk in the door!"

Other employee: "i figured"

RZ: "what a bitch"

Other employee: "shut the fuck up, you are a dumb ass, thats the only customer all day and you went and scared him to fucking walmart! WTF!"
by 22p277 February 05, 2008
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