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someone who disciminates or doesnt like racists. only racists can be racist, and if you choose to be racist against a racist, well then welcome to the ranks bro.
racist: you goddamn mexican!

racist racist: hey you inconsederate asshole! you have no right to belittle their people you racist!

racist:how dare you be racist to me!

racist racist: huh? i wasnt!

yes you were you were bringing me down just because i was being myself and persecuting a mexican. Therefore you were being a racist to me.

racist racist: oh shit, your cyclical logic makes perfect sense! I must be a racist against racists!

racist:well good for you! you can now claim you official membership as a racist!

racist racist:wait... what?

racist: listen either join us or keep your mouth shut! or your a racist too, understand?

racist racist: i cannot beleive this! damn it! i guess ill let you go back to being a racist.

racist: your damn right you pasty-faced asslicking whore!
by cameron maugh August 06, 2008
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