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Race walking everyone at the track meets thinks its really easy cause you walk but no its one of the hardest events to do but it's funny to watch us racewalkers we take it serious. The reason why it's hard is because you walk a mile and your shins hurt and your throat burn from the air and it's death but fun
Advice - don't eat before your race

"I shouldn't have eaten that food"
"Ahhhhh my shins!!!
" I wonder what my time is?"
"Did I make it"

"Ughhh the dq flags"

"Oo finally it's a nice offical"
" NOOOOO I'm not ready"

"Where are they the officials"

"Omg um running late few I'm not late"
"Uhhhh we have the same number"
" ahhhh I have to go to the bathroom so bad I need to get this race walking done where are the officials"
"Yeah who's ready to race walk"
by Xcrunner2k18 December 16, 2018
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