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The manufacturer of sweet condenser microphones. How do you pronounce it? You DON'T say "Rode" (like "Road" or "Boat). Rather, the correct pronunciation is more like "Rudd," with a Scandinavian accent.
The Røde NT-2A is quite possibly the best Large-Diaphragm condenser under Five Hundred Dollars.
by AlexTs April 27, 2006
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Rodé is one amezing person with a golden personality. A very photogenic person and a gorgeous smile. She can make anybody's day with her funny sense of humor and loving eyes. Caring to all her family and friends. With her called "squad" she's a very crazy person and always adventurers. A Rodé is also known to help others before herself and is very respectful. Netflix, movies and tv shows is her thing. A Rodé usually loves a sci-fi/ comedy tv show and movie.Everybody loves a Rodé and is very lucky to her. She's a very special person and deserves the world! Everybody loves her and need her!
Person 1: Dude who's that gorgeous girl in the corner?
Person 2: Dude that's Rodé
by sissyboy June 28, 2018
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A way of describing something that is really dope or chill.
"Hey bro, did you hear Drake's new album?"

"Yeah man, it's so rode!"
by Bean4life November 21, 2011
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It is the ghetto version of the word Road. Since the word Rode only means the verb to ride in the past tense, but every day more and more people are becoming lazy writers and much careless for verifying if they are wrong.
I have this word "rode" in so many social networking sites, that, it has become a disease.
I don't know what rode to chose in life... Now that is very deep thinking.

I was driving and i got on the wrong rode and I got lost. Soooo Ghetto! Use the dictionary and the GPS so you don't get on the wrong ROAD!
by The_Bambino_88 September 08, 2010
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