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Old, authentic, unisex name

1. Extremely attractive, graceful and charming and they don't know it!!

2. Have good body features such as; being tall, great physique, nice smile, long neck

Qureesh's usually successful and love making money. They are creative and fun to be around. Qureeshs have lots of friends, they do not smile very often and when they do, their smile will light up your day. Qureeshs are weird sometimes, but that's what makes them special. It's really hard for them to get angry, nothing really irritates them but if they do, they bcome like a volcano. They are shy most of the times and they don't like to show emotions or talk about their feelings because they are too busy ballin Haa!!
"I wish I can be a Qureesh"
Dayymmm that girl is such a Qureesh!!!
by Notme$ April 23, 2018
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