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When you are in a complete and udder state of stress so complex that it feels as if nothing in the world means a thing and all you can do it sit there and smile. It just doesn't matter anymore and you know that when you wake up you'll have to do a whole crap load of stuff, but 'Who Care?' thats tomorrow...or in an hour...or plainly LATER. You relize the extent of everything you must and you even can guess at how long it will take, but that just makes the feeling more intense and you slip furthure and furthure from reality into a world of nothingness...completely unenduced by drugs. There is no desire to commit suiside while in this state of mind, the feeling is too beautiful to end.
Jack felt incredibly quleshe when he was told his girlfriend decided to be lesbian becaue of him, is father died and left millions of dollars of debt to him, and his house just colapsed crushing his mother, sister, and three daughters from a wife who divored him taking all his money and possesions.
by Dan V May 21, 2004
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