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Pronounced: "qwa-er-ffed" or the way it's spelled

The utter BEING of awsomeness. The word you use when there wasn't a word for how awsome something was before. At last! Only use when something is just so amazing that you had to find this word just to say it. You can finally say all that emotion in just one word: quirft
Before: Oh my gosh! You'r shirt is too cool for words! Ugh, I wish I had a word for it.
After: Oh my gosh!! You'r shirt is like sooooo quirft! Yes!! I've got a word that explains how too cool it is for words!
by Megan and Katie the quirft <3 January 17, 2008
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Another way to say cool, radical, stellar, and all of the other adjectives that equal to high regards.
"That is totally quirft, maaaaan!"
by Megan & Katie <3 January 16, 2008
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