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Quinn is one of the most beautiful girls you will see in your life. They're a very rare type of girl; they are hilarious, adventurous, outgoing, brave, amazing in bed, and the perfect girlfriend. Quinn is usually a badass, always has a great comeback, and can kick your ass in a heartbeat. Quinn's are usually very Independant, it takes a lot for them to let you past their wall. Quinn is someone you can talk to about anything, she will give you the most amazing advice. She's the best kisser around, but she won't kiss just anybody. She learns from her mistakes and she isn't the type to give second chances, so don't screw things up with her. If you find a Quinn, hold on to her. She's special, and so beautiful.
Quinn (female)
"You're dating Quinn? You're so lucky"
"She's almost as beautiful as a Quinn"
by vballchick98 January 20, 2015
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