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A woman who is kind hearted, loving, loyal, always willing to help. An mixture of races, beautiful, intelligent, quick thinker, and always ready for whatever. Never scared, very romantic, loves hard, and men seem 2 adore her. She is fun to hang out with and amazing writer, and a bomb shell. Smart mouth, assertive, but can be mean when you push her. Hates drama but when put into she will come out on top. Good with money and always seems to have it when everybody else around her is broke. Keeps 100 at all times never sugar coats anything. However there is a dark side that makes her seem bipolar at times. Overall Quenise is a free thinker, a doer, and her own woman. In other words Quenise is the Queen of Queens. Once on the throne hard go knock her off A BOSS.
Quenise is amazing at everything she does.
by Loyal 100 October 14, 2014
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