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A hot ass straight dude who likes to show of his muscular body, and brand name underwear around some dorky gay or bicurious guy. He will immediately bring up his girlfriend into the conversation, but still attempt to carry on a "friendly" conversation with the gay guy as if to say "look but don't touch." Like female cock teases, the queer teases' actions are selfish, ego pumping bullshit that expresses contempt for those "lesser" than him, as well as a desire to maintain and perpetuate the status quo by putting the gay "nerd" in his place simply by being better than him, rather than actually calling him out as a nerd.

queer teases are evil dumb shits, and true geeks should immediately get sarcastic on their stupid jock asses and then leave immediately, perferably with a completely offensive and off color remark, or even just a plain insult like "your music sucks" or "your culture sucks", etc. Since most queer teases like to listen to shitty rap songs like "N Love Wit a Stripper" , insulting their music is safe, and totally accurate.
gay dude's friend: that jock dude is really friendly with you.

gay dude: yeah, but he's just a queer tease. He wants me to know he's better than me.

gay dude's friend: What a dumb deusch.

gay dude: yeah! Fuck him!
by ungrateful unmanagable dickweed December 12, 2006
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