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If you happen to play the Time Crisis machine at Queensway arcade in London, England, there are always losers breathing down your neck and saying shit to you who either (A) Have no money to play the game (B) Just like to watch (C) Are genuine assholes (D) Can't be bothered to wait so they piss you off so you either quit or die (in the game). This has become a verb: "to Queensway" or "Queenswaying" for anyone who is bothering you and asking questions over and over again that you don't want to answer.
Guy 1: Yo, give me your number, blud...
Guy 2: Chill
Guy 1: Quit being a bitch, blud...Get your phone number, blud...This is proper rude, like...Hand over your number blud...I got a happy slap video to send you like...BLUD!
Guy 2: You are proper Queenswaying me, blud...Shut the fuck up
Guy 1: Oh, seen
by Bert Bert August 29, 2005
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