The queen of cunts aka the biggest bitch you'll ever meet. She's a sadistic whore with no redeemable qualities whatsoever. She has sex with everyone she sees just to give them STD's. When she's on her period, she turns into a raging monster and screams and belittles everyone she sees as less popular. She's made people commit suicide through consistent bullying and drama during her high school years. She uses her looks to seduce jocks and other hot guys in order to gain her power and popularity because they can't even see the hideous filth that lies in her heart. When she's done with high school she'll either end up working as a porn star where she'll spread her sexual diseases to as many people as possible, or she'll marry the richest person she can find and manipulate him into giving her all of the money he has rightfully earned.
Queen Cunt: OMG! Your such a fucking loser! Why don't you go die in a hole already and do everyone a favor.
(that's when she's not on her period)
by Dubiks August 24, 2018
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