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Quantum lag is the time it takes for changes in the quantum realm to be reflected in reality. Unlike the 'real world', the quantum realm has no equivalent dimensions because the quantum elements are relational. It is only when these elements acquire mass and energy, from which the natural laws are derived, that they can be measured in terms of space and time.
Most of us will only notice quantum lag when the quantum event is experienced immediately prior to its effect in reality, a condition referred to as deja-vu. Less obvious effects are those of intuition and premonition. More disturbing effects involve apparitions, e.g. ghosts, whereby the quantum event is so strong as to appear real even though it never manifests in reality (which is why ghosts cannot be recorded on physical media). Quantum lag also explains why properties of elements in the quantum realm appear to change faster than allowed by the speed of light, referred to as quantum entanglement.
by rippenburn November 27, 2016
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