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A quadrapoligic is a human who has no limbs on their body; no legs or arms. Most quadrapoligic's are a quadrapoligic because of an injury to the neck, disabling their body parts from functioning, making them useless, so they are amputated.

However, sometimes the body parts aren't always amputated, and the person has a chance of being able to use them again. This is determined by many factors, the main two are the doctors decision, and what the injury is.

Sometimes the body parts are removed not because of a neck injury, but because of an accident that needs them to be removed. An example of this is maybe the person broke their limbs beyond repair and needed immediate amputation.

Whatever the case, a quadrapoligic has no limbs.
Did you see that quadrapoligic? I feel bad for him.
by mark lacek February 25, 2008
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