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Quackpot: A person who has fixed ideas on medical matters, who decries alternative health methodologies, but does this from an irrational, biased and ignorant point of view.

A quackpot will often claim medical and/or scientific knowledge or expertise, which, in reality, they do not have.

Some quackpots have been known to pad out their CVs, claiming training, qualifications, jobs or roles that have no existence in reality, etc.

A Quackpot will often claim that they influence key decision makers, when this is not, in reality, the case.
"I do not think you should take that herbal supplement!"


"Because I read a book about it once, so I know that I am right!"

"Get real! You are nothing but a delusional Quackpot!"
by Martin UK September 23, 2005
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A person that sticks to you like a annoying piece of shit that won't drop into the pan, even when you wiggle really hard. That you have to bounce on the toilet seat and clench your buttocks and open quick to hop fully let it go.
Derick: Sam fuck off why don't you!

Sam: What have I done?.......

Derick: Shagged my wife and sold the photo's on ebay©!!!

Sam: Can you forgive me?

Derick: FUCK off!!!

Sam: Go on...........

Derick: Fuck off you quackpot!!!!
by Derick Nobcheese August 24, 2004
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