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when being grossly and unexpectedly overcharged beyond your control in some sort of transaction; usually in a retail situation.
Dude #1: Man I thought my plane ticket would be $180, after all the hidden charges and fees it was up to $275.

Dude#2: Wow, you totally got qdoba'd.
Dude#3: I told the girl I didn't want a drink with my burrito and some how my meal was even more. Then with veggies on it I ended up paying almost $11 for a burrito at Q'doba.

Dude#4: You totally got qdoba'd!!!
by Bro with a bad look May 20, 2009
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adjective: A description of the quality of food at Qdoba. Also could describe the intestinal problems that occur after a meal at Qdoba. Variation- Qdobaed.
I just spent an hour in the bathroom. My lunch was Qdobad.
by Melonious October 14, 2007
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