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Noun. pie-rid-OX-een. Vitamin B6.
Pyridoxine is the chemical name of vitamin b6. It is similar to vitamin b2, and the daily recommended values are are equal. It helps the body with neurologic whatnot, with impulses and emotion. Deficiency can cause moodswings, and proper doses lead to better moods.
Overdosage. High amounts of pyridoxine (over 2,000 miligrams) can cause overimaginativity. (lol, but true.) A high amount before sleep causes very vivid dreams, almost like a night-hallucinogen.
(child) Mom, it's the boogyman again!
(mom, who happens to be a pediatrician) Aww, is he still out to get you? Here, vitamin b6 (Pyridoxine) is good for sleep. Now have a drink of water and get some rest.
by SoloSalsa August 18, 2006
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