An actual business strategy that is proven to work, and if done right is completely legal. Consists of the first person signing up, who then gets X friends to sign up, and those get X friends to sign up, and can give something away for "free" (eg. This works on the principal that even if EVERY person in America was to sign up, the bottom of the pyramid (which would consist of most likely more than half the US population) wouldn't be able to get the X friends and couldn't complete the offer. The scheme will make them money no matter what happens, even in the worst case scenarios.
Aww man, I tried to sign up for, but all my friends already have an account!
by Yort June 1, 2005
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The pyramid scheme:
A lot like the pyramid where the girl rides cowgirl and the other sits on your face but instead u are tricked by chicks with a dick or a full on dude
I thought I was gonna get in on a pyramid with these two chicks from the bar but it was just a pyramid scheme
by Smarty-pantz December 4, 2018
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