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(n) Sexual organ of a gamer who enjoys the Player vs Player aspects. This player must be proficient in killing other players and typically follows the slaying with taunting or trolling behavior. If you get excited dancing on the corpses of your enemies, tea bagging players after pwning their ass, or spawn camping until they quit, you may have a pvpenis.
Dude you went 52-1 in the match?!?! Put your PVPenis away!

All this spawn camping is giving my PVPenis a chub.
by enJERneer March 15, 2019
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Player. Vs. Penis, a type of combat in which the player defends himself from waves of angry dicks
Shut up mom... I'm in the middle of a round of P.V.Penis
by Koolest kid in the Klub May 30, 2016
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