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A poor mans burger. It consits of chips (preferably bbq chips or dorritos) piled on a single peice if bread dashed with tobassco and crushed into ball with ones hands . Great for a late nighr snack.
After a long night if drinkin we didnt want to risk a DUI so we stayed in and had puto burgers to get us by. .
by Pedio September 07, 2017
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A poor man's burger . It consists of chips ( preferably barbecue chips or Doritos), piled on a single slice of bread with a dash of Tabasco and crushed into a ball in one's hand. An excellent choice for a late night snack.
We wanted to hit up Dennys after a long night of drinking but we didn't want to chance D.U. I so we stayed in and had Puto Burgers instead. Puto burger
by Pedio September 13, 2017
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