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a puta face is a person who looks,acts ,or every appears to be a bitch, slut, whore, or all of the above.
look at that littla puta face over there looking like a slut with her legs open not wearing panties.
by repto1none February 19, 2007
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1.) One who behaves in a bitchy, or otherwise stupid manner.
2.) One who is useless.
3.) An endearing term for a friend who does something stupid
1.) Young Giac broke the pool stick. What a fuckin' putaface.
2.) Ford Beckett adds nothing to this world. What a fuckin' putaface.
3.) Yo putaface! (often used as a greeting)
by Siv, Viv, and Christ January 19, 2008
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Puta meaning bitch/slut in Spanish; is a conceited girl who goes out with guys to use them as man candy, and later on cheats on them with a variety of other guys, she's a heart breaker, and her motto is " play like man so you won't get played like a bitch"
"Hey Rosa isn't that the girl who made your brother cry at homecoming?"
"Yeah that's her that Fxckin' Puta Face"
by Yenib March 19, 2009
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facial expression of a salty (see "salty") girl when staring longingly at her puto. consists of batting eyelashes, licking lips, crossing arms and the tilting of the head. can also be putoface when performed by a male specimen.
"lala's putafaces towards nigel(see "nigel") were off the chain on superbowl sunday"

"when her nator(see "nator") emerges she gives mad putafaces"
by morton November 04, 2003
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