1)A term truck drivers use meaning accelerate to maximum speed, or terminal velocity, which ever is faster. 2)Common uses by passenger vehicle drivers are pedal to the metal and floor it
Truck Driver 1 " breaker-one-nine whats your twenty?"
Truck Driver 2 "heading North on 95 - driver!"
Truck Driver 1 "What you haulin' good buddy?"
Truck Driver 2 "I'm haulin' a hot load of (insert cargo), I've got a long way to go and a short time to get there - Over"
Truck Driver 1 "Well, I reckon you better put the hammer down"
Truck Driver 2 " ten-four good buddy.. the hammer is down!"
by Blue Squid June 20, 2008
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The term comes from back in the day when Truckers were Truckers and their rigs didn't have A.C., in an attempt to cool off, truckers would put a sludge hammer down on the gas peddle, open their doors and stand outside on the steps while cruising down Route 66 through the Cajon Pass in Calif. They would call out on their CB's "put the hammer down". You would see a line of semis with truckers driving from the step of their trucks.
by L8erdayz January 14, 2022
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