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1) Make a big deal out of something that's small. Like the older saying "make a mountain out of a molehill.

2) Exaggerate, embellish and/or overstate to the point of being dishonest or ridiculous.

3) Cast a situation in a dramatic, histrionic and/or theatrical light when recounting his/her version of events.
4) Taking (as in taking offense perhaps) something personally or out of context for the purposes of casting ones own role in the matter as that of a victim.
5) aka "Over-Kill"
Him: "I heard you got busted for a 211 and did some hard time upstate."
Her: "Nah it was a misdemeanor possession and theft, why they always gotta put dubs on it?"

"My mom blows it way out of proportion. Last holiday, I had a few drinks, so what? But the way she tells it, I was messy before noon and straight up belligerent by dinner time. She always be puttin dubs on everything."
by coreSD619 November 01, 2017
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