Phrase exclaimed when placing an image of an avian creature on any item, especially one that was "handcrafted" or "thrifted" so as to make it totally adorable and artistic. It's, like, soooooooo cute! Whether it's a necklace or a t-shirt or an iPad cover or a corset, it could probably use a bird on it.

From the IFC show Portlandia.
Hipster 1: Oh my god, I LOVE your tote bag, where did you get it?
Hipster 2: Oh this thing? I just bought it for $75 at Brooklyn Flea but it was so boring until I put a bird on it!
Hipster 1: You should sell it on Etsy!
by Valley of the LOLs October 16, 2011
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Used to express your displeasure with a person or situation. Derived from "flipping the bird" and the IFC show Portlandia's put a bird on it skit.
That memo?!? You can put a bird on it.
by Tuckerblue August 2, 2011
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