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A human male that is addicted to a human female's vagina. This condition is not to be confused with sexual addiction. This condition demands the male stimulate the female libido using oral, digital, a device and/or penile rubbing(also known as "dry humping") of the female's genitalia. Usually most these forms of stimulation are used during any one session which ultimately leads to sexual intercourse.

The above listed forms of stimulation are not all inclusive, use your own imagination to make additions, the more the better.

These sessions can be repeated multiple times during the day or night. An adept Pussaholic can overcome headaches, menstrual cycles or any other roadblock that a female can throw at the male.

Homosexual females my substitute the appropriate terms as they see fit.
Man, that dude gets more ass, he's a real pussaholic!

Our sex life was dull, I mean really dull, so I tried new stuff and now my wife calls me a real pussaholic. Sex has never been greater!

She may be beautiful, but stay away, she is a pussaholic and will cut you down.
by Pussaholic September 30, 2014
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