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A foppish worrywart; a hot-winded sycophant; a cowardly blaggard.

Though its exact roots are unknown, its first known English usage is from the 1641 work "All the Doggyes In the Queene's Bedroome" a scathing satire on the Elizabethan culinary world. One biscuit chef, Vlad McAffee, oft ridiculed for his Irish-Prussian heritage and enormous hands, was thus defined for his constant fretting.

"McAffee, covered in flour, flopped his giante digits on the cutting table and stuttered incomprehensibly on the temperature of the ovene, a true PUSHWIG, if ever the Queene had seen one."
That C3PO is a real pushwig.
by zygell June 26, 2004
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