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An alcoholic drink comprising of 1/2 everclear, 1/2 grape NOS energy drink and purple (grape) cool aid mix, plus 2 caffeine tablets all put into one standard red plastic cup.

the name comes from the following:

Purple: because the drink is purple in color
Jesus: because you will get so drunk you may see jesus
Rodeo: because you'll be so hopped up on energy drink and caffeine tablets that you may be prone to jumping on your friends and riding them around like you're in a rodeo
GUY #1 oh man what happened last night?
GUY #2 dude you drank one Purple Jesus Rodeo and starting running around the party jumping on people!
GUY #3 Yeah then you passed out and we had to take you to the hospital.
by Jeff "Danger" Hoernemann November 26, 2010
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