The unexplained feeling of bliss, joy and satisfaction one gets following a purchase. It can last anything from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the size, worth or usefulness of the item acquired. Buyer's remorse can sometimes follow or replace purchase pleasure. It is often a reason for shopping addiction.
Laura-May: Hanging out and shopping with you yesterday made me really happy.

Grant: Me too, but then I'm always happy when I buy things. I'm still getting purchase pleasure today.

#2: I'm not sure I want to go anywhere today honey, I've had a miserable week at work.

Come on, I'll take you to the mall. You'll forget your problems with some purchase pleasure.
by Laura-May May 31, 2008
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Her: I was so bored and depressed today I decided to try a little retail therapy!
Him: Well, I hope the purchase pleasure was worth what I'm seeing on this pile of credit card receipts!
by BackInBlack60 July 3, 2010
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