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Punnapa is a sarcastic and stubborn person on the outside and may come as rude when you first meet her. However if you take the time to get to know her she is kind and funny and extremely generous. She will either be your best friend or your worst enemy. If you are her friend she will do anything for you and is very loyal. If someone upsets her friends or hurts them she will be more than likely to try to beat up the person that upset her friend.She will irritate you from time to time and get mad at you easily but if you just forget about it she will to.
Punnapa is an extremely sporty person and is better with ball games but is an all rounder with sports. Acedemic wise she is extremely clever and is in the top or near the top in all subjects.
Altogether Punnapa is one of a kind not only in her personality but because of her unusual name.
"Punnapa was really rude to me"
by @Batmannnn May 23, 2018
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