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1. (noun) List of items for a project that still need to be completed after a project is closed and handed over to the requestor. These are items not necessary to start and run the process but were part of the project scope.

2. (noun) List of people or things that need to be literally or figuratvely punched. This list is typically held by a project manager or engineer and often contains the names of those who caused punchlist items.
1. Guy 1: We are two days late on intalling this pipe. How can we get this done?

Guy 2: Just put in the pipe and we can punchlist the insulation. We can come back next week and get it.

2. They delayed us 2 days and cost us $500k extra? Oh yea, the pipefitters are on the punch list.
by longshot162 August 26, 2010
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