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when something is pushed or lifted over another area part position up and down until a vacuuming of air suction pressure is applied = pump, when something slides back forth over another area part in which it rubs with friction = grind, with sex, Pump would be the part of a woman action with the genital or any private area of her bottom between her legs using another bodily part of a partner to create a vacuum effect so that area the private part it is is on, simulates penetration in a hump motion of that area she has it on. Sexually for Grinding, is the act of make a horizontal friction to stimulate surface skin feeling friction with her genital, like something entering her private parts, such as some ones hand fondling her insides, like a g-spot in a vagina or reaming of the anus/asshole without penetration, by sliding her private part back and forth over her partner, usually the partners limb edges or mostly with their face or head, this is an act usually done by what is also called face sitting or facesitting or an act known as tibbing with two same genital of their vaginas results to what = grind or grinding. When combined word action = Pump N Grind(ing)
Tribb Tribbing Pump N Grind anus asshole gentital Pump Grind
by ctk define January 09, 2015
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