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Pump Drivers: predominantly female drivers who "camp" out in the passing lane then lose track of what they are doing, letting their foot off the gas a little causing a decrease in speed by 5-10 mph. If these pumpers see you trying to pass they realize they let off the gas a little too much and speed up making it difficult to pass, they often like to hover next to another vehicle making passing impossible on smaller highways. If you manage to get in front of said driver they speed up and pass you as if you offended them in some manner magically finding the accelerator as they whip past you 5-15 over the speed limit. After successfully getting back in front of you only 1-2 miles later being in the same predicament as before causing the victim of their stupidity anger and frustration. If you experienced this or a situation like this congratulations you just met the "pump driver" or pumper for short.
I got stuck behind a pump driver and couldn't pass for 8 miles.
by BecauseBacon February 24, 2014
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