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1. To take one enormous step backwards.

2. To not listen to people who have supported you in the past.

3. To abandon a community that once helped you reach the forefront.

4. To think of consumers as beta testers who have to pay to test the product.

5. To raise the price of a product after removing features from it.

6. To generate so much hype only to blow it.

7. To fix things that aren't broken, only to ruin it.
Example of pulling an Infinity Ward.

Alex: Dude, you heard? They removed dedicated servers from Modern Warfare 2. What a back stab to the PC community. What's worse, they raised the price!

Bryan: Yeah man, they totally pulled an Infinity Ward on us. I think I will spend my money on Bad Company 2.
by InfinityFail October 23, 2009
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