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When someone is two lazy to come up with a creative proposal for their future wife, they pull what's known in the eastern U.S as "Pulling a Pinny" - That is, walking into the room wherever the girl is (preferably her bedroom while she's half asleep. This way she won't be expecting it, SURPRISE!) getting down on one knee and wiping it out.

You're lame ass proposal that is. Just ask her to marry you, don't bother being creative at all.

You know she's going to say yes, you've got this "in the bag." So on the most special day of her life, just be a lazy asshole and Pull a Pinny.
You've been dating a girl for 6 months. You know she's madly in love with you. Whenever you propose you know she'll say yes. Now the honorable thing to do would be to create this wonderful proposal and surprise her. Make her feel special, it's the most wonderful day of her life. What do you do though? You start Pulling a Pinny. You walk into her room while she's half asleep (clothing situation: unknown), you get down on one knee, and you kill her hopes and dreams of marrying a half decent human being. SMH
by A Ring Yeah Manz January 01, 2014
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